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The Property Clock

How market cycles work in each suburb and city, and how to use this to your advantage as an investor

Passive income

How to produce an additional income of $1500/month through an achievable property portfolio

Tax savings

Learn how to save thousands of dollars each year in tax - without additional out-of-pocket costs

Spot a good investment

Learn the key factors to assess to help you find a great investment property in the right location

The 1 path to wealth

There is 1 path to wealth that is achievable for almost anyone


A step-by-step guide to building wealth strategically, with all the numbers explained

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Learn from my personal experience, mistakes and expertise gained over the years, so that you too can make genuine financial progress over the next 10-15 years.

The critical decisions I made to build genuine wealth...

Over the years, I've been asked so many questions and mentored many customers, colleagues and business partners. The decisions I've made, can help you too.

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"One of the most interesting, influential and invisible individuals in the real estate industry." - Property Observer

Joseph June 2020


My name is Joseph Chou, I am an entrepreneur, author and angel investor. I am the CEO of an international property company - Ironfish - and my company mission and my personal passion is helping people like you become financially independent through property investment.

When I migrated to Australia back in 1991 - I had $4000 to my name and was delivering pizzas for $7 an hour. Just seven years later, I had a portfolio of 8 investment properties as well as my own home.

Through some critical decisions, mentorship and sheer hard work, today, I have an industry leading business, and a multi-million-dollar property portfolio. I truly believe it's possible for anyone to achieve, with the right knowledge, support and mindset.  

I have been educating thousands of people in Australia for the last 20 years - helping to disrupt status quo thinking, advocate financial literacy and wellbeing and I would love to help you too!

What our clients say

As a lawyer, I'm pretty discerning and can be quite sceptical in my assessment of things. Having invested with Ironfish, we're not only impressed by the level of knowledge, customer service and ethics of everyone we've dealt with, we all trust our strategist completely. 

Rob Licuria
Senior Legal Counsel

What I've appreciated most is how much they've influenced me, not just in terms of knowledge, but also in my way of thinking. I have learned so much from Joseph and my Ironfish strategist.

Dr Ben Lee

Unknown to the world of investment, our strategist converted the jargon into a manner that we could comprehend and digest.

Customer Graphic_0004_RUBEN & YOGITA TARAK
Ruben & Yogita Tarak

10,000+ customers and counting..

My team and I have helped over 10,000 Australian families (and counting) build a brighter future through investing with us. All our testimonials are 100% genuine, and you are most welcome to connect with our community to learn how we have helped.


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